Catherine Nguyen

Director of Research

Genetics, genomics and bioinformatics Institute (Aviesan) director
Inserm – French National Institute of Health and Medical research
Marseille – France

The impact of the transcriptomic to the exploration of the living and in medical


Director of Research at INSERM, Catherine Nguyen first led the ERITM and the ERM 206 from 2002 to 2008, then took over the leadership of TAGC-UMR 1090 (Advanced Technologies for Genome and Clinic) from its creation in 2008 until 2018 as well as the co-management of its platform IBiSA TGML (Transcriptomics and Genomics-Marseille Luminy). In 2016, she is appointed Director of the Thematic Institute Multi-Organisms « Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics »where she works to structure these disciplines in the research landscape, and more specifically at INSERM.

Since joining INSERM, she has been involved in the development of genomics approaches that she has applied to her research in immunology and oncology. She co-authored more than a hundred articles and reviews in international publications. Throughout her career, she fervently work on promoting technological deployment in genomics for the benefit of the scientific advancement. She is a pioneer of the transcriptomic by not only actively contributing to the development of its concept but also to the evolution of its application. In addition, in 1998, she actively participated in structuring the development of bioinformatics.

Always focused on the transmission of knowledge and its validation, she has actively participated in the development of research in these areas. She provided training and logistical support to many projects, and contributed to the networking of the development of transcriptomic platforms at national and international level. Beyond the fundamental aspect, her work led to the definition of new tools for diagnosis and/or prognosis thus helping practitioners.

She has always been an advocate for spreading know-how, providing training at national and international level (Brazil, Thailand), and participating in the establishment of research Masters, particularly in Lebanon and in Vietnam (USTH program).