Denis Milan

Director of Research

France Genomics infrastructure deputy director
INRA – French National Institute for Agricultural Research

Castanet-Tolosan – France

20 years of agrigenomics: past and future directions


Denis Milan is an agricultural engineer from the Institut National Agronomique Paris Grignon. After a thesis in retrovirology at the Institut Pasteur, he joined INRA at the Toulouse research centre.

His scientific work focused on the knowledge of the porcine genome with the development of genetic and physical maps of the porcine genome and then the sequencing of this genome within the framework of an international consortium. He has also worked on the mapping of QTL and major genes in pigs, including the identification of a mutation in a gene involved in meat quality, the first strict positional cloning in species of agronomic interest. He served as Head of the Animal Genetics Division at INRA from 2010 to 2017. Over the period 2011-2018 he also headed the INRA metaprogram dedicated to genomic selection in animal and plant species.

Since 2003 he has been director and then scientific director of the Genomics platform that became GeT (Genome and Transcriptome) in 2010, bringing together several sites in Toulouse. In 2008-2009 he chaired the INRA national commission dedicated to platforms. He has participated in the setting up of the France Genomics infrastructure, of which he is deputy director.