Stéphane Le Crom

Professor of genomics

Sorbonne Université, IBPS – Institut de Biologie Paris Seine
Paris – France


Stéphane Le Crom is a Professor of Genomics at Sorbonne Université (ex Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France). He got a Ph.D. in Cellular Neurobiology in 2000 at Paris-Sud Orsay University. He performed two post-doctoral internships: one on yeast transcriptomics (Claude Jacq’s team, Paris) and the other on protein-protein interaction analysis (Stephen Michnick laboratory, Montréal). He has been recruited as an assistant professor in 2003 to join the group of Patrick Charnay at École normale supérieure on genomic aspects of development of the vertebrate nervous system.

Since 2007, he is the scientific director of the Genomics core facility at École normale supérieure Biology Institute (IBENS) in Paris. This facility has been created in 1999 for providing access to functional genomics technologies with the main objectives to help laboratories managing their genomic projects, disseminate genome-wide approaches among the scientific community, and develop competence and diversified resources in bioinformatics analyses of functional genomic data.

Since 2014 he is responsible for the Sorbonne Université Omics network that gathers 21 structures involved in data production in genomics (microarrays, high throughput sequencing and qPCR), molecular analysis (proteomics, mass spectrometry, lipidomics and metabolomics), biological resources’ management and associated bioinformatics.